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Your Greatest Blessings Are On The Horizon

Coming off of 3 months of firsts; writing my first book “Silhouette of Her: Naked & Unashamed A Poetic Journey of Faith,” which became a best seller in less than 24 hours, being on my first radio show, beginning my first book tour and more, has been so exciting. I have been riding the wave and now I am experiencing a wave of quiet. A natural extrovert, I love to go and go some more, do and do some more, even when my mind or body says, “BE STILL,” thus making the quiet unnatural for me.

Before all this momentum began, I remember feeling led in a different direction in business matters and I was on course. Then suddenly, I found myself dropped off in a place of spiritual desolation. I was mentally and physically tired, I felt frustration most days, I began making careless mistakes, I experienced confusion in areas that I usually felt confident, my finances became distressed all of a sudden, and I began to feel an increasing sense of being overwhelmed with any and everything. I had been here before so I knew exactly what it was and I began relentlessly seeking for answers.

I was so busy trying to manage life, people, relationships, and business on my own. I had simply taken on too much. I told myself that God was in control but the truth was, I was in my own way. So much so that I couldn’t be a help to the people I served, my family, nor myself. I thought I was looking for a way out, but soon realized that I was really seeking understanding. I asked, “What is the lesson?” I heard clearly, “Be still and allow me to help you.”

It was not until I acknowledged the darkness, the unrest, the discomfort, for what it was, that I was able to begin to shine a light on it; illuminating and embracing the lesson. It’s in our perception of our experiences that we either remain stuck in darkness or we allow ourselves to move forward into the light. It was in dedicating time each morning to pray and center myself, that I found clarity, direction, strength, and peace in the midst of the darkness. When I embraced being still in darkness the book was released. And now finding myself in a different, yet still quiet place, I must rest in it, thus remaining open to new opportunities.

Seek not to run from the darkness, instead, run to it! Be still in it; thus, illuminating understanding which brings about peace. In the midst of the darkness, know that your greatest blessings are on the horizon which requires you to walk into the light.