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How We Help

CateRRRflies Lifework, a division of Richale R. Reed PLLC provides professional therapuetic services for those suffering from mental health and substance use disorders. These services are provided online through a secure portal. Services are provided in individual, family and group formats.

Who We Serve


We serve individuals from 25 to 99 who need support navigating through a myriad of life challenges from work life balance to communication to depression and anxiety. Click here for a complete list of challenges we support.

Couples & Family

We serve those seeking pre-marital and marital counseling as well as family counseling. We believe that that marriage is a beautiful choice and we want to support you in building a foundation that will support that choice. If married and experiencing challenges we want to support you in rebuilding that foundation that honors your choice which will ultimately be a healthy one.  We support all types of family structures such as grandparents raising children, single parents and their children, and even adults and their adult parents in rebuilding healthy relationships.


Groups, whether therapuetic or non-therapeutic, are a combination of education and experience and sharing of that experience with others so you know that you are not alone. All groups vary by topic, are both inspiring and fun, have boundaries to keep you safe. However in therapeutic groups, confidentiality can not be guaranteed as your group can have up to 11 more people in it. Groups also allow for services on a consistent basis at a lower cost to you. Before inquiring about a group, read the description carefully to see if it meets your needs.

Current Groups

Dual Diagnosis Therapeutic Group

This open group is for those who may be dealing with either mental health or substance abuse challenges that have hindered them from living a fulfilling life. What is great about this group is that it will support many life challenges from simple transitions in life to low self-esteem to depression to recovery from addiction this group can help as it is based on the requirement of new thinking and new coping. Start when you are ready; this is an open group with a 3-month commitment.

What you will be exposed to:

The difference between the Mind and the Brain

New thinking and New Coping

Victorious Living instead of Victim Living

Inspiration, Laughter, and a Renewed Love For Self

What you need:

An initial assessment appointment (one time cost of $160 for those self paying or your insurance co-pay)

An open mind to principles found in the word of God and proven by example and even science.

A commitment to a 3 month process of weekly 1 hour sessions.

A commitment to yourself

When and Where

7 pm weekly Thursdays

351 Wagoner Drive Suite 135


Introductory Cost For This Group

Insurance – you pay our co-pay

Uninsured – Self Pay – Auto Draft

10 per week or 40 a month paid monthly in advance


15 per session a la cart


More Details from my disclosure statement on cost (normal rates)

Therapeutic mental health, addiction, or dual diagnosis groups are $35 per hour paid monthly in advance ($140), no refunds. All payments are due at the time of service or you accept $10 late fee and any other fees related including collection fees. Fees occurred by payment processors are also your responsibility for ex. NSF for credit card charge etc.

What We Believe

We fundamentally believe that everyone is wired for greatness and with the right support can reach their God-given potential and impact their world.

We fundamentally believe in the power of thinking through a renewed and transformed mind to totally change one’s experience and satisfaction in life.

We fundamentally believe that life is a process, and we will always be in the process. In this beautiful and sometimes painful process we need support in reaching the goal of creating a body or work that we learn and grow from transforming life's obstacles into the beauty of life.

How We Help

Caterrflies Lifework provides individual, couples, and group therapy for a variety of areas




Bipolar Disorder


Dual Diagnosis


Marital & Premarital


Self Esteem


Substance Misuse


Men's Issues


Alcohol Misuse


Career Counseling


Family Conflict


Sexual Problems


Sexual Abuse


Trauma & PTSD




Anger Management


Coping Skills




Peer Relationships




Weight Loss




Behavioral Issues




Life Transitions


Relationship Issues


Stress Management


Women's Issues


Thinking Disorders

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

With more than 20+ years of navigating my own transformation through life’s storms, hills, & valleys from childhood trauma & addiction, to the effects mental illness, to overcoming it and living well! My mental health and addiction clients feel stuck & desire empathetic, judgement-free support from someone whose walked in their shoes and succeeded.