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Below are several tools, resources, and information to aid you. If you have any questions about the resources listed below, please call us 888-550-2804  or email for fastest response.

Silhouette of Her

A revealing and inspirational journey of a young Christian woman’s struggle through a life filled with setbacks and set-ups through negative societal messages and traumatic experiences and how she overcame through her faith. Her story unfolds using a juxtaposition of poetry followed by deeply personal messages to her readers. Richale shares it all, from the degradation of being dismissed with the words, “You can go now,” after an uneventful “bootie call” to the liberation of discovering her voice through it all. Carefully crafted, she hopes each page will inspire you to embrace who you are through faith; in essence, joining her in becoming that Silhouette of Her: Naked and Unashamed.

INpower Consulting

At INpower we provide personal and executive coaching, group executive coaching, and speaking and training for organizations on several topics including organizational wellness (H.O.W program), transformational leadership, power mindsets, and personal and business development. Additionally, we consult with agencies for growth using Fortune 500 company tools such as the Maxwell Method of DISC accessed through our partnership with the John Maxwell Team. Richale is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach and has also been trained by the renowned Valerie Burton. our focus is coaching, speaking, training for individuals and corporations.

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You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

With more than 20+ years of navigating my own transformation through life’s storms, hills, & valleys from childhood trauma & addiction, to the effects mental illness, to overcoming it and living well! My mental health and addiction clients feel stuck & desire empathetic, judgement-free support from someone whose walked in their shoes and succeeded. 

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