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A Therapist’s Perspective:  Inside of Compassion Fatigue

Oftentimes as a therapist and coach others think you are so resilient that nothing can penetrate you and try to take you down. Well, there is this occurrence called, “Compassion Fatigue,” (CF) that even myself as a therapist, if ignored, will do just that. Right now with COVID19, I have felt it for my clients who have been touched in one way or another by this pandemic. CF feels like a responsibility to care for others in a way that you would want to be taken care of and can for me be as simple as a low mood that is hard to shake off. In order to turn it around, I realized that everyone must do their own work.

I have also learned that my role can be a different one; that is, I can simply be there to listen because oftentimes that’s what people need. I have learned that if I take on too much then I am no help to them in their time of need. To avoid compassion fatigue, I monitor my boundaries with my clients and family and friends for that matter. I remind myself to own how I am feeling and then get to loving on myself to quickly restore my spirit.

I also find praying for the one I am concerned for helps tremendously to lift the load and lighten my heart. I feel more empowered to help others.To my fellow therapist’s take care of yourselves and if you need the support of a loving professional, reach out.  If you know a therapist, make sure you let them know that you realize they have needs to and that you simply see them and are there for them.They may never tell you but we need that!