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10 Tips you can use TODAY to assist in your healing from the Las Vegas tragedy!

It’s only been 24 hours and we all have been inundated with the tragic news of 59 lives lost and over 500 people injured and counting, in what they are calling the largest mass shooting in US history. News as such, can bring debilitating terror and fright to many who were directly or indirectly impacted, to those who suffer from PTSD, and to those who are un-diagnosed who continue to watch over and over again as the story unfolds. Here are 10 tips you can use, starting today that do not necessarily have a financial cost, to begin the process of healing regardless of how close you are to this tragedy, but does have an immediate emotional benefit.

  1. Turn off the news – Hearing repeated stories and images can be traumatizing so give yourself a break and turn it off!
  2. Turn off social media – social media has already been accused of causing an increase in incorrect information so just log off for a few days.
  3. Limit talking excessively highly charged family and friends about this
  4. Talk to positive family and friends about this
  5. Consider speaking with a therapist if talking to positive supports is not enough – A trained professional will be able to help you locate the root of this anxiety and assist in the process of healing
  6. Be honest about how you feel and own those feelings
  7. Consider ways you can help so you dont entertain feelings of powerlessness
  8. Consider giving in the aftermath – when tragedy strikes there are a lot of first responders but the real help starts when everyone else is gone. Giving can take on the form of finances, time, and more so just consider it after you’ve given yourself ample time to process it.
  9. Purposely practice self-care – make a list of what you enjoy doing to take care of yourself and do it on purpose
  10. Activate the power of gratitude – whisper a prayer of gratitude to yourself or share it with someone

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