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Common Questions

How can I get started?

Simply call us on our confidential line at 888-550-2804, leaving return call and or email information and we will call you back in less than 48 hours.

We will connect you to our online portal where all of our intake documents will be shared. It will take you less than 20 minutes to complete and submit online. It’s your responsibility to get the intake papwerwork done asap and your insurance information to us so we can verify it.

If you can do this then, we will do our best to get you in within 2 weeks but this is based on your responsibility plus our availability on the schedule and it meeting your appointment time needs. ***If you are using insurance make sure you have a copy of your card front and back on both on ONE PAGE to submit this will help us a lot. In the event that we don’t accept your insurance you are always welcome to self pay.

What types of payments do you accept?

You can pay almost any major credit card, FSA, FHA, and cash. We ask for your form of payment at the time of your appointment to secure your appointment. It is stored securely for all future payments including no-show or missed appointments using CARDCONNECT also known as CARDPOINTE.

You can learn more about payments on our rates & insurances page.

What types of insurances do you accept?

We take a variety of insurances. Please visit our rates & insurances page for the most up-to-date list as we are constantly updating what insurances we do and do not accpt.

Do you have to use my insurance?

No you do not. We understand that even though we do our best to protect all your health information some do not want to use insurance as our documentation is subject to their review at any time. You do not have to use insurance if you do not choose to. You can simply self-pay. We provide self-pay discounts up to 25% off our rates for those who are members of our prepay program. **Under the plan missed appointments are not refunded and reschedules are based on availability.

Do you have sliding scale fees?

We understand that full pricing, when not using insurance can be steep so we have created a membership program with membership pricing that is discounted for those choose an individual or family plan that is paid for the year and/or on monthly prepaid basis without proof of income. These membership plans discount our rates by 25% and 20% percent. *** Under the plan missed appointments are not refunded and reschedules are based on availability.

What if I have an emergency?

For detailed information refer to our disclosure statement; however, in brief an emergency is a life-threatening event. If it’s not life-threatening rescheduling is best. Simply go to the client portal to request a new appointment time or call the office as soon as you can. Otherwise, if you cancel in less than 48 hours you will pay your entire fee for the missed or no-show appointment.

I live in NC but too far from your office, how else can you see me?

We offer telehealth also known as video chat sessions over a strong and HIPAA compliant internet connection at no extra charge. We also offer email/text chat sessions and have various ways you can access that option. Simply indicate when you call or submit your request which option you would prefer.

I live outside of NC. Can you be my therapist?

I wish it was that easy; however, it is best that you find a therapist who is licensed in your state and if there is an emergency can get to your side if need be. I am only licensed in North Carolina. If you are planning on moving here make sure to get a jumpstart on transferring your insurance then contact me when you are ready.

What’s the difference in the connection with your therapist over video chat?

There is no difference in the connection you can have with your therapist. You simply want to make sure you use good lighting, have a quiet and confidential place to have your sessions without interruption, and have strong internet connection.

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